Project | 01

Children's Environment Research Group | City University of New York

I am currently collaborating at the Children's Environment Research Group.

Project | 02

Equity for Children | The New School 

I collaborated in the second phase of the Approaches to Equity Report.

We focused on what is equity and why does it matter for children living in poverty?

The project intend's to promote equity for children and to enhance children’s rights.

“Approaches to Equity” offers a unique overview of perspectives from leading voices on the topic –international organizations, foundations and research institutions.

Project | 03

Global GoalsCast Podcast 

In 2015, world leaders adopted the Agenda for Sustainable Development. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) set a roadmap to achieve a more sustainable world and offer a wide umbrella under which social impact and cause-related activities can join together.

Global GoalsCast shares stories of companies, organizations and individuals that are making incredible efforts to advance and achieve a more sustainable world.

To see more or discuss possible work let's talk >>

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